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The Violin Guild (TVG) — the World's Leading Forum for Bowed Strings! 


It's been endorsed by SHAR Music, Southwest Strings, Buzzfeed, Fiddlershop, the Mind Over Finger podcast, Leatherwood Rosin, WMutes, and many more!  The forum was created in 2014 by, Dr. Immanuel T. Abraham with administrative support from violinist Chloé Trevor.  In 2015, the CEO of “Late Starter Musician”, Jasmine Reese, became a TVG administrator.  In 2017, internationally renown violin soloist, Caroline Adomeit became our director of public relations.  In 2019, violist Dr. Rachel White Galvin also joined TVG’s administrative team. These administrators work tirelessly to maintain focused content, highly-exclusive membership, and to support the string community.

TVG's global scope allows instruments such as the Ehru, Rebab, Hurdy-gurdy, Byzantine Lyra, Morin Khuur, Gudok, Octobass, Five and Six-String violin family instruments, the latest in electronic instruments, and many more to see in TVG daily. Sales of all bowed instruments, including accessories, and sheet music are also facilitated by The Violin Guild. Our members have included: Janice Martin, Roman Kim, Rachel Barton, Mark Wood, Aaron Dworkin, Laurie Niles, Peter Wispelwey, Gautier Capuçon, Nathan Cole, Noah Bendix-Balgley, Alex DePue, Michael Cleveland, Charles Avsharian, Leila Josefowicz, and many more!

In TVG, Grammy Award winners, nominees, university students, youth, and beginners interact daily.  Our featured musical genres includes jazz, fiddle, electronic, western classical, Indian classical, traditional Chinese, pop, fusions, and more.  There are masters of each genre who share their experience, recordings, sheet music, and insight with the community. 

Our forum comprises over 40,000 bowed string players! Registered as an educational forum, it is highly informative across the broadest spectrum.  All inquiries receive thorough and multi-sourced responses.  It is an invaluable recourse for the string community.

TVG's 10 Community Rules:

1: Group Subject

TVG supports ALL bowed-string players. Posts must clearly, predominantly, and specifically be about bowed-string matters. All else will be removed. (Exceptions: string-relevant music memes.)

2: English / All-Caps

Post / Comment in English only. Shared posts in other languages require English translation captioned above. No mostly-capitalized posts or lines of text. Please edit and repost if Rule #2 was broken.

3: Criticism & Advice

No critique or advice unless requested by original poster. No mass critique of instruments, styles, genres, training, or abilities. No “find a teacher” replies unless live-teacher advice is requested.

4: Post Format

What or why you’ve shared must be fully visible in your caption without navigating away from TVG. (Exempt: music memes/events/livestream) Please edit & repost if Rule #4 was broken.

5: Ads / Sales / Gigs

• The same ad may post 2x/week. • Posts from/about/including outside groups require permission from TVG’s creator.
• Sales must include price(s) and Gigs must include compensation in the caption.

6: Safety

Admins reserve the right to remove any post which may risk physical harm to instruments or musicians at their discretion. Please report any such post to TVG immediately.

7: Banned Behaviors

No discouraging musical endeavors, questions, abilities or preferences. No discriminatory jokes, implications, blocking admins, *angry-reacts or laugh-reacts unless certain a post is mainly for humor.

8: Banned Content

Political, socioeconomic, theological, religious, racial, gendered, discriminatory, violent, weaponized, lewd references and plagiarism are banned. Religious music is welcome omitting these in captions.

9: Unsolicited Contact

No unsolicited messaging, spamming, or mass adding of members. Unsolicited critique of fellow members will be removed. *Report unwanted contact to a TVG admin immediately if noticed or suspected.*

10: Contact Administrators

Inbox admins directly for: rule clarifications, permission to post from/about or links to outside groups, submission of concern/complaint/critique for TVG. Do not post these subjects in the TVG forum.


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