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The Violin Guild is ranked #1 in Online String Recourse by STRINGS Magazine.

It is called, " essential to our string world" by the CEO of SHAR Music.

It also is described as "...a truly unbelievable place where the highest-profile artists interact with everyone else, every day, for free!?" by the owner of D'Addario Orchestral.


The Violin Guild serves the entire bowed-string community. Is is endorsed by EASTMAN, D'Addario Orchestral, Southwest Strings, Fiddlershop, the Mind Over Finger podcast, Leatherwood Rosin, WMutes, and many more! 


TVG was founded in 2014 by Dr. Immanuel T. Abraham, and has been maintained by his efforts, and that of temporary volunteer administration. Past support has come from violinists Chloé Trevor, Caroline Adomeit, and violist Dr. Rachel White GalvinThese artists have worked together to maintain focused content, respectful discussion, educational Q & A, highly-exclusive membership, and overall support for the global string community.

TVG brings due awareness to recent innovations in bowed instruments and equipment. This includes 5, 6, and 7 stringed instruments, electric instruments, geared tuners, and world instruments such as the ehru, rebab, hurdy-gurdy, Byzantine lyra, morin khuur, gudok, octobass, and more!


Sales of all bowed instruments, accessories, and sheet music are supported with by The Violin Guild with FREE unlimited marketing!

TVG's membership includes 37 reported Grammy Award winners and nominees. They interact with our members freely and daily. Masters of every genre share their experience, recordings, sheet music, and insights with the community. 

Currently, TVG comprises over 48,911 bowed string players! Inquiries from students, professionals, and self-taught artists all receive thorough, multi-sourced responses. "The Violin Guild is an invaluable recourse for the string community." —Charles Avsharian, Founder of SHAR Music Co.



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